Microsoft Office and extortion

With the introduciton of Office 365 I switched from buying a full version of MS Office Professional to the Small Business subscription services as this offered me the full MS Office package, including MS Access, for up to 5 users at a competative rate per user. However I-ve now just been confronted with the fact that MS Access didn’t work anymore, that Microsoft have changed their subscriptions, and that MS Access is no longer included in the new Office 365 Bussiness Premium package. According to Microsoft I would have to upgrade to their E3 package. That’s a rate increase from Euro 126 per year per user (which in itsself is already a riduculous rate increase as this used to be for up to 5 users !) to Euro 240 or so per year. With two users that would mean a 400% rate increase. Such price increases are pure extortion. They fit with the image Microsoft is also creating with its excessively priced tablets and ultrabooks which are 2 to 4x more expensive as competitor products when comparing copabilities. Microsoft is only after your money, and is neither innovative, nor oriented to the needs of its users small or large. Users should start giving Microsoft a piece of their mind and start massively switching to more sensible solutions such as open source software. For me in any case this will certainly push me further towards Linux and open source soliutions.