Perspektivo.NL website is up again after computer failure and switch to a new environment

It took a bit of time, but after an unanticipated computer failure is up again under updated software.

The prolonged transition was due to the fact that the old software was outdated and no longer supported. Thus testing of various alternatives was needed. This resulted in a choice for a single underlying content management system for both content and albums. Once that had been installed the old content was manual transferred into the new environment.

The site currently is not yet final. In particular there will be more work done on customizing the look and feel of the site. The site is now mirrored on a 2nd server which can replace the primary service quickly in case of any future failures.

In addition the old site was running under a little single core netbook computer from 2010 with 1 GB of memory and a hard disk drive. The new site is running under a significantly faster multicore processror with 4 GB of memory and an SSD which should make the site significantly faster.