Keepass and KeepassX password managers

Keepass and KeepassX are open source password managers which allow you  to keep all your passwords safe in an ecrypted database. Both use the Keepass version 2 file format for storing data. Both are available for Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android, either as official releases, or in the form of file format compatible derivatives. Various other derivates have developed over time from the original Keepass project.

With a password manager  you only have to remember one difficult password to open the encrypted database and have access to all the different URLs, user names and passwords for all the systems you need to have access to. The programs can also generate random passwords of specified length and complexitiy for you. As you can copy and paste usernames from the database into the entry fields, there really is no excuse why you should still have sticky notes under your keyboard, a little note in your wallet, or even decide to use such ‘efficient’ passwords as ‘1234567890’.

Keepass can be downloaded from the Keepass website:

KeepassX  can be downloaded from the KeepassX website: